Gotta Catch ‘Em All !!


My first blog will be about about a category that I didn’t include in my introduction 😀 .

It will be about an anime , Pokemon . I remember that for a duration of my childhood , most of my playtime was spent watching the anime or collecting Pokemon tazos ,then it became collecting  cards .My favorite Pokemon was Pikachu  . I remember getting Pokemon:The first movie , 2000 and 3 and watching them in home .The first and 2000 was great , I didn’t like the third . In school , we played with tazos , there was 2 types of matches , forever (which meant that the winner takes all the tazos played in the match ) and friendly ; the most rare tazos were ash and pikachu (I had them both).I remember knowing the names of all of them and their evolutions (the 151 at that time) .

Then like any hobby it takes its time and one’s interest goes to something else . When I grew up , I checked Pokemon on Wikipedia , and for my surprise , I found that it is still going on and now it reached 770 episodes !! God bless Japanese anime , it just goes on and on (I actually like that) . 

In the end, I put the Pokemon theme , which would evoke nostalgia for anyone that watched it in their childhood . 


in this blog I will talk about anything that comes to my mind , which includes technology , movies , football , music , wrestling , comics .